ESTUS「Business Connector

ESTUS help you to find right supplier from our huge database. 40 years industrial manufacturing experience. We provide you flexible way to manage your supplier chain. Open sourcing data, choosing qualified price, quality, production equipment from each supplier you like, and we make it connect with your business supplier chain.

Direct Quote from supplier,
No Commission

Manufacturing process development / QC Control

Huge Supplier Database as you need

Logistics / Technical consult / Supplier Management…
Choose service as you need, flexible way of charging.

The predecessor’s footprint lead you to right supplier
Open QC data from supplier as your reference.


Supply Chain managementInnovation Service

To offer management service by ESTUS, We provide you flexible way to manage your supplier chain , Strong technical team provide you total solution on purchasing process.

Resource PlatformInnovation Service

To expand supply chain vendor and client group. ESTUS platform can totally provide supplier information. Meanwhile, it can also let client quickly search suitable supplier.

Risk ManagementInnovation Service

ESTUS have experience which is more than 40 years to share with client success transaction record, include supplier quality risk, production equipment info, state of operation, capacity risk etc. To ensure the your success purchasing process.


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